We are not interested in
profiting from the patients.

We are Interested in
Helping Them!

Our goal is to help you. As a dedicated team of professionals we share an international experience of ophthalmologists and the state-of-the-art knowledge in ophthalmology over 10 years in the background. Thus being familiar with the most predominant wishes of patients around the world, we have tried to compile most common points of interest. We compare only publicly available information or the information presented by the eye clinics under its personal web account.

Our vision is to help first the potential patients and clinics to find each other. Particularly, to assist people in their first steps, who are looking for necessary treatment in the field of refractive ophthalmology . As far as medical tourism has become a common activity in the last two decades, we will also give you the opportunity to compare the treatment costs. In addition to this, reviews of already treated patients and clinic ratings will assist you in your choice, thus we are interested in finding the best solution for you including satisfaction after treatments. We do not force the patients to choose a certain clinic but we let the clinics compete for offering the best service. For this, scientific reviews from peer reviewed sources may assist you. No more time wasting in looking for a clinic!

For Patients being here means

  • A quick way to find any medical service in refractive ophthalmology with regard to common patient requirements around the world: location or distance to the clinic, language preference, medical equipment and of course financial opportunities.
  • We will assist you in making the first steps approaching your decision concerning an eyeclinic
  • Get an answer in the forum!
  • Find a concise treatment explanation or clinical results from respectable scientific sources. Then decide what is the best for you and consult the clinic whether you are a good candidate
  • Be up to date about the latest news from medical professionals
  • Let the clinics compete for your attention !

For Clinics being here means

  • We will help to advertise your eye clinic and help people to find you
  • Promote your services and represent them from its strong side !
  • Participate in the international forum !
  • The clinics itself may have an opportunity to present its profound refractive equipment.
  • Is your eye clinic already in the database ?